Krowbar – Swagton Nirojim 12″ Vinyl


The vinyl version of criticaly acclaimed the most bastardized local hip hop album in 2018 (or probably of all times). Produced by Jaydawn, Morgue Vanguard and Evil Cutz, that high bars-low life shit.

Remastered, 12 songs, 12″ Black Vinyl.
Gatefold cover 400gr with Insert matte paper 150gr.
Comes with huge poster, 60×60 cm, matte paper 150gr.



  1. Doktrin 9mm
  2. Sang Saka Sangkakala
  3. Ritual Kombat
  4. Senjata Pemuas Massal
  5. Samsara
  6. Teologi Marky Mark
  7. Bilangan Fu


  1. Saga Malam Sabbath Feat. Morgue Vanguard
  2. Sindikat Plafon 51 (Cutz Chamber Special)
  3. Swagratul Maut
  4. Narkofon Maraton
  5. Sabda Raja Dosa
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