How to Buy records and merchandise in your catalog?
Please email to @dsstrrecs with this format:
Full Address:
Phone Number:
Detail products (size/color/deluxe/bundle/etc)

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes we ship worldwide with our selected expeditions.

Do you accept paypal?
No, we only accept Bank transfer.

Can we send our Band demo and released by your label?
No, if you’re good we are the one who will contact you.

How if the package you ship got broke on their way?
You have 3 days since the package arrive to report and refund your broken package, and send your complains to our email dssstrrecs@gmail.com and also you have to attached the image of your broken package.

How if my package has not arrived due to the estimate time from the expedition?
Please complain to our email dsstrrecs@gmail.com if your package has not arrived due the estimate time.

How if i want to invite one of the Band/Roster that you released perform in my gigs?
Yes, please contact to our email dsstrrecs@gmail.com

How if my record label want to collaboration with your label?
Yes, if your labels have a same interest.

Can you do wholesale and distribution?
Yes, with our terms and condition, and selected stuffs only.

If you are having problems placing an order or with an order you received please contact us at dsstrrecs@gmail.com
Our online customer service hours are:
Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm
Please allow up to 24 hours for a response to your inquiry. Emails sent during non-office hours will be handled on our next business day.

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