Avhath – Hymns

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Another bites the dust, the quintet belligerent black metal group Avhath returns again with their dark reign of terror and deception. In recent past they have done numerous releases such as EP’s and split albums, from recent single release Lethargy / March To The Crater, and split album with Haul, Disfare, and Violence of Crusade. Now Avhath descends again with their new recent effort entitled Hymns. Forged and hardened with slaughtering riffs and dark aura Hymns contains 4 tracks that fuelled by anger and hatred. Almost total 15 Minutes of Black Metal that indulge hardcore and d-beat aggressive attitude. Hymns is soon to be released in three different formats. For cassette tape, they are working collectively with Jakarta based photographer Nitya Putrini. DSSTR Records is responsible for the limited CD-R version with artwork drawn by the label’s very own, Vidi Nurhadi Ranadipura. While the last artwork for digital format was borrowed from Kinez Riza’s photography series “Dreams on a Frontier” Hymns has different touch than the other releases, it has it own strength and dawning towards developing a character into Avhath
itself, for example IV. The Solipsist and III. The Aftermath concludes a 5 minutes and 6 minutes time-lapse of pure shattering black metal beatdown and hush of post-metal condiments, while the other I. Blood Moon Rising and II. The Putrefied delivers a promising blow to the head. With 4 tracks at hand Avhath reigns again with their dark apocalyptic doomsday vibe.

Hymns featured
I. Blood Moon Rising
II. The Putrefied
III. The Aftermath
IV. The Solipsist.

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Hymns set to be released on 16 April 2016.

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