Fans of ‘90s alt-rock music rejoice because Nearcrush are here to remind you why swooning distorted guitars, swelling feedbacks, dreamy vocals and lush soundscapes never go out of style. The Bandung’s based band is currently mixing their full-length debut album called “Bloodsports & Modern Arts”, an album consisting of 16 alt-rock songs ranging from fuzzy driven guitars, space rock anthems to blissful shoegazing sounds, coming from a group of music veterans who are big fans of: Smashing Pumpkins, Failure, Adorable, Swervedriver and My Vitriol. The result is an album that’s inspired by the alternative heroes of the past yet retains a modern sound.

The band consists of: Kevin Arifin (vocals, guitars), Aldy Kusumah (guitar, vocals) Deathlessramz (guitar) and Dani Irjayana (drums)—formed in 2018, these four songwriters instantly clicked, partially in Kevin’s Northern Bandung’s home studio and Ramz’s studio (The Throne Room), recording demos, with each member bringing 1-3 songs (so the debut album’s songlist is collected and finished in a speedy process only in 3-4 months).

They are also veterans of the local independent scene, whereas Deathlessramz is known for his ambient-noise Deathless projects and Dani Irjayana is a music producer where his latest work is one of the songs in Joko Anwar’s Gundala film soundtrack. Meanwhile Aldy Kusumah is the former songwriter/guitarist of Bandung’s emo-outfit Jolly Jumper and Kevin Arifin is the former vocalist of local alt-rock outfit called Velvetica.




Alt Rock / Indie-Rock


  • Kevin Arifin – Vocal, Guitars
  • Aldy Kusumah – Guitars, Vocals
  • Deathlessramz – Guitars
  • Dani Irjayana – Drums

Years Active:

2018 – now


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