Fans of ‘90s alt-rock music rejoice because Nearcrush are here to remind you why swooning distorted guitars, swelling feedbacks, dreamy vocals and lush soundscapes never go out of style. The Bandung’s based band is currently working on their full-length debut album called “Bloodsports & Modern Arts”, an album consisting of alt-rock songs ranging from fuzzy driven guitars, wet choruses, and the best elements from space rock anthems to blissful shoegazing sounds.

The band are consisted of: Kevin Arifin (vocals, guitars), Aldy Kusumah (guitar, bass, vocals), Deathless Ramz (guitars, bass, synth) —formed in 2018, these songwriters instantly clicked, partially recording their demos in Kevin’s house and Ramz’s studio (The Throne Room).

On their early demos and “Tidal Wave” single they got helped by Dani Irjayana on drums, and on the next single “Ocean’s Depth” they have their long time friend Andika Surya (of Collapse & ALICE) to filled in the drums duty. Both singles are now available on cassette for “Ocean’s Wave” Cassingles via Disaster Records. Some of Nearcrush’s singles artworks was done by Herry Sutresna, including Ocean’s Wave cassingles. 

Now their debut album entitled “Bloodsports & Modern Arts” is out, featuring 11 tracks of alt-rock goodness, with a glimpse of space rock, indie rock, ‘90s shoegaze, and even post-hardcore. Some of the singles were the lush “Tidal Wave”, Pumpkins-worship “Ocean’s Depth”, fuzz drenched “Prizefighter Deathblow” and “Fountainhead Palace”, with contributing ethereal vocals from Alexandra J. Wuisan of Sieve & Gergasi Api.




Alt Rock / Indie-Rock


  • Kevin Arifin – Vocal, Guitars
  • Aldy Kusumah – Guitars, Vocals
  • Deathlessramz – Guitars

Years Active:

2018 – now


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